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Category: Dried Gourmet Mushrooms & Meals

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1101 Jungle Curry 5 oz A delicate combination of spices, sea vegetable and shiitake mushrooms served in a piping hot bowl of Japanese noodles. Serves 2. $6.50
1102 Buddha's Delight 5 oz An Epicurean collection of spicy jungle spices infused with the fragrance of lemongrass and the cool creaminess of coconut milk. Serves 2. $6.50
1103 Monsoon Mushrooms 5 oz Blended with exotic fragrant, but mild spices, this meal evokes the character and romance of the Indian Raj. Serves 2. $6.50
1131 Chanterelle Mushrooms 1 oz A wild, trumpeted-shaped mushroom has the subtle flavor and aroma of a peppery apricot. Great in pasta dishes. $6.50
1121 Oyster Mushrooms 1 oz Aromatic cream or gray colored caps make a perfect addition to a hearty soup. $6.50
1111 Shiitake Medicial Mushrooms 1 oz CERTIFIED ORGANIC - Oak Log Grown A woodsy, meaty tasting mushroom picked fresh from our forest. All mushrooms have stalks removed. $6.50
1112 Bulk Dried Organic Shiitake 4 oz Destemmed $18.00
1113 Bulk Dried Organic Shiitake 8 oz Destemmed $32.00
61053 Oriental Express Spice Condiment 2 oz A combination of roasted sesame seeds, shiitake mushroom powder and red pepper flakes. Sprinkle onto any Oriental meal or salad. $4.00

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