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What kind of wood do you grow shiitake mushrooms on?
Shiitakes prefers growing on hardwoods, we use a variety of species of oak, red black and post. All logs are in cordwood lengths of 4 feet.


How do you inoculate the logs?
Holes are drilled in a diamond pattern around each log and each hole is plugged with the shiitake spawn using a special inoculating tool. Each inoculation site is then sealed with hot cheese wax to protect the site. Spawn is purchased from a mycological laboratory. There are many different strains.


When are the shiitake mushrooms ready to start growing on the logs?
All inoculated logs are crib stacked and left to incubate under a pine forest canopy which provides ideal shade conditions for spawn run. Spawn run means that the shiitake mycelium grows into the sap wood of the logs. After 6-9 months the logs are then ready to fruit


How do you get the mushrooms to grow on the logs?
Inoculated logs are placed in tanks of cold fresh spring water and left underwater for 24 hours. The logs are then stacked vertically and covered with a humidity blanket. This cold shock and moisture treatment stimulates the logs to fruit shiitake mushrooms. Depending on the outside temperature and humidity the mushrooms will be ready to pick in 5 or 10 days.


How often does the log fruit mushrooms?
After fruiting, each log needs an 8 week rest period before placing them back in the soaking tanks. Each log can fruit mushrooms 4 times a year for the next three years for outdoor production.


What happens to the log at the end of its production?
Ozark Forest Mushrooms is planning to build a solar greenhouse so that we can expand our production through the winter months and use the spent logs to heat the building this would definitely give us a sustainable supply of winter mushrooms


Can I grow my own mushrooms?
Yes! Ozark Forest Mushrooms sells shiitake oak log kits and woodland kits so you can learn the wonders of growing your own mushrooms.

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